Politecnico di Milano has been offering courses of Biomedical Engineering since late 60s. In the second half of 70s, this teaching experience gave rise to two tracks of Bioengineering in the graduation programme of Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. In 1996, for the first time in Italy, these two tracks were grouped to form the Laurea degree of Biomedical Engineer, a 5-year programme (equivalent to a B.Sc+M.Sc). In the meanwhile, in 1983, the PhD course in Bioengineering was activated and it has still great success in terms of number of students and research activities.

The study programme in Biomedical Engineering takes the advantage of a teaching staff which collaborates with prestigious research institutes and is involved in many national and international research projects in the bioengineering and life science areas.

The type and number of courses in Biomedical Engineering offered by Politecnico di Milano is unique in Italy. In fact, the courses range from biomechanics to electronics, from biomaterials to cells and tissue characterisation, from biological signal and image processing to medical informatics, from bioinformatics to surgery and rehabilitation robotics.