Admission to the Master Degree (M.Sc.)

Admission to the Master Degree (M.Sc.)

You have to refer to the educational rules of the Laurea Magistrale (M.Sc.) in Biomedical Engineering available at the following link.

For foreign students, please visit the dedicated website. The list of documents necessary for the admission procedure can be found here.

A first level degree (B.Sc., 180 ECTS) is mandatory to be admitted to the Laurea Magistrale in Biomedical Engineering, furthermore the bachelor degree programme must be consistent with the study programme of the Laurea in Ingegneria Biomedica (B.Sc in Biomedical Engineering).

In particular, for those students who graduated with a B.Sc.  from any Italian Universities, the student career should have at least 45 basic ECTS credits and 80 characterising ECTS credits in the relevant areas of the Bachelor of Science in “Information Engineering” or “Industrial Engineering”. For those students who graduated with a B.Sc.  from a foreign University or for those students who graduated with a bachelor not in the engineering areas, the study records will be checked by a dedicated committee.

In case an applicant need further credits to fulfil the prerequisites, he/she may attend Individual Courses, in the period before the enrolment to the Master of Science.

For the applicants, who graduated at Politecnico di Milano, the admission to the Laurea Magistrale in Biomedical Engineering requires that the average marks obtained in the examinations of the Bachelor Programme, weighted on the credits, must be higher than an “adjusted” threshold according to the following rule: S=22.5+0.5*(N-3) where N is the number of years to graduate. For the candidates with a Bachelor of Science issued by any other Italian University, the admission require a final score expressed in 110ths above an “adjusted” threshold. Further details concerning the curricular requirements and the methods for verifying the personal preparation are explained in the Educational Rules of the Study Program (§6) available at the following link.

As regard the knowledge of English, it must be certified by achieving minimum score levels in the assessment tests recognized by Politecnico di Milano. Details of the recognized tests and the required score levels can be consulted on the website of Politecnico di Milano.