International Mobility

International Mobility

Students of Biomedical Engineering can submit their application for several international exchange programs offered by Politecnico di Milano, based on agreements with several partner institutions. Selected students for a specific exchange program have the chance to improve their curriculum by spending a period abroad and gaining academic credits recognised by Politecnico di Milano. Among all the available opportunities, we can recall :

  • a study period abroad in Europe, under the “Erasmus” programme, typically lasting from one to two semesters;
  • an “extra-EU” study period (dedicated exchange programmes);
  • a “Double-Degree” programme, which allows to pursue two Master of Science degrees over a period of 3 years instead of 2, with two of them spent in a foreign partner institution;
  • an internship in a foreign company or research institution;
  • a thesis project developed abroad.

Useful information about the exchange programmes

Information about all the available exchange programmes, double degree projects and international internships, European research projects, and international relations are available at the following link.

You must refer to the following document (in Italian) of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering and to the following document  with the specific regulations for the students in Biomedical Engineering. At the following link  you can find the information about the fellowships available for the students who intend to perform their Master Thesis in a foreign institution. At the following website you can find a list of the institutions available for the different exchange programmes (double degree in EU, doble degree extra UE, …). The professors who are referent for these projects are listed in the contacts page of this website.

Double degree with University of Illinois, Chicago

The double degree consists in a Master of Science in Bioengineering issued both by Politecnico di Milano and University of Illinois, Chicago. You can find specific information about this opportunity for the next academic year (2022) at the following link. The 8th of June 2021 this initiative has been illustrated in a presentation meeting, the meeting material is available at the following link.

Additional informative material

The presentation of the international mobility programs held in 2020 was recorded and is available at the following link (you can access with the institutional credentials). The presentation slides are available here.