Admission to the Bachelor Degree (B.Sc.)

Admission to the Bachelor Degree (B.Sc.)

Admission requirements

A High school diploma, or comparable foreign degree, is mandatory. Indeed, according to the italian law ( D.M. 270/04 art.6), the admission to any first-level degree programme requires a five-year or four-year upper Secondary School Diploma or other qualification obtained abroad, recognized as suitable.

To be admitted to the Laurea in Ingegneria Biomedica, equivalent to the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Biomedical Engineering, you must take an entry test (Test On-LineTOL), common to all Bachelor Degree in Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. For more information, see

Note that all courses and teachings of any Laurea’s Degree (B.Sc.) are taught in Italian.

Students already enrolled in other undergraduate programmes, i.e. other Laurea or B.S. courses, or in other Universities, who intend to transfer to the Laurea in Ingegneria Biomedica at Politecnico di Milano, may request an evaluation for the recognition of the already gained credits. More information are available at the following link and here you can find the educational rules.

Knowledge required for incoming students

The TOL entrance test verifies if the student has an adequate basic preparation in mathematics, sciences and verbal comprehension. The knowledge of English languages also required and is verified through standard certificates of level B1 of the CEF – Common European Framework– or higher level. Details on these procedures (e.g., about the time-tables of TOL sessions) are available here.