The Biomedical Engineer

The Biomedical Engineer

The Biomedical Engineer applies technologies and methodologies of several engineering fileds to problems in medical and biological contexts. The objetive is to improve the patient therapies, to prevent pathologies and to develop new knowledge in medical and biological fields. The challenges of the future are intriguing and stimulating thanks to the continuous evolving technology and to the unlimited ambitious of human knowledge. 

The biggest technical challenge to sending astronauts on farther and longer missions is biomedical: How do we keep them healthy?

Leroy Chiao, American Astronaut

The current technologies permit today what in the past was considered impossible, for example the coding of the entire human genome, the possibility to use your own smartphone for the remote monitoring, we use indeed the term of ubiquitous healthcare. The increasing interest in the biomedical field is not only towards the patient care, but also to the prevention of chronic diseases. Furthermore, the data management of the patients, not only of the medical information, in the era of big data, is even more crucial in the therapy process and in the epidemiological or research studies of the national healthcare system.

Your genome sequence will become a vital part of your medical record, thereby providing critical information about how to optimize your wellness

Leroy Hood, Institute for Systems Biology, USA